Consultation within psychiatry requires specialized knowledge of the field.

  • What is the typical NHPPD for child units, adults or geriatric patients?
  • How does Medicare reimburse for care?
  • What is the impact of longer or shorter ALOS?
  • How many patients should a doctor carry?
  • What is the best way for peer review to function?
  • What reporting structures are most effective?
  • Is our Utilization Review process functioning optimally?
  • How do we track phone calls, intake evaluations, and admission rates?
  • How do we reduce restraints, patient falls, or medication errors?
  • Our outpatient service is losing money—can we turn it around?
  • Should we employ clinicians on salary, fee-for-service or as a percentage of actual collections?
  • How many cases should outpatient clinicians carry?

We have provided consultation in every one of the areas above as well as in more thorny areas including impaired professionals, dysfunctional leadership teams, dangerously underperforming departments. Please call to confidentially discuss your departmental concerns.